St Luke's

Lisa & Lee Hicks

Lisa and Lee Hicks decided they needed to make a will as they saw their young son Haydn prepare to start school.
And they were more than happy that, by taking part in St Luke’s Will Month, they were not only safeguarding Haydn’s future but also making a positive contribution to Sheffield’s only adult hospice.

“We wanted to be sure that we had protected Haydn’s interests if anything were to happen to us,” Lisa explains.
“By making a will, we know that he is provided for and that his future is provided for in the way we would want and now that both Lee and myself have turned 40 it made us realise that we have to make sure we have everything in place for all our futures.
“Making a will through the St Luke’s Will Month was so easy – we just chose a solicitor from the list of participating companies and took it from there.
“And because Lee’s nannan was a patient at St Luke’s we know all about the fantastic care the hospice offers, so we not only got a will but we supported Sheffield’s only hospice at the same time.
“We are planning for our son’s future and I think every family should be doing the same.”

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