Martin House

Joanne Bellamy - Community Nurse

Joanne has worked at Martin House for 28 years as a nurse in the hospice, as part of the bereavement team, and more recently, as a community nurse, visiting families needing support in their own home. 

“It’s great that Martin House can offer nursing care in the community. My visits can sometimes be as simple as looking after a child while their mum goes to do a food shop, which is difficult when you have a child with complex needs”, said Joanne. 

“Often our families can’t rely on their support network, as the child’s medical needs are so acute, whereas our team can give specialist care to the child. It’s very satisfying for me to know that I have been able to help parents have some time to do the everyday things they struggle to do. 

“My job is very rewarding and it makes me realise just how hard it is for families where their child has a life-shortening illness.”

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