Martin House Hospice


Regular visits to Martin House Hospice Care for Children and Young People give nine-year-old Kacie-Mai Jones the chance to be herself, in an environment tailored to her needs.

Kacie-Mai was just two when she was diagnosed with collagen related muscular dystrophy, a life-limiting condition which leaves her reliant on round-the-clock care.

Her grandad Craig Russell says: “Support from school has been fantastic and the children and staff have really made an effort to understand Kacie-Mai’s condition. But the only time we really see her interact with her peers is when she’s staying at Martin House. 

“She loves teasing the care staff and getting them to do things for her. She’s also really creative so spends a lot of time in the art room painting, cutting, modelling and making little things to bring home.”

For Craig and his wife Dawn, Martin House is a lifeline that not only gives them time and space to recharge their batteries, but allows them to feel part of a warm and caring community of like-minded staff and families:
“Martin House is like a different world. Every single person you speak to understands what you’re going through. 

“The whole atmosphere of the hospice is so welcoming and sitting around the table with the other families is such an important part of the experience. Everyone I’ve spoken to about Martin House has only positive things to say and we’re so grateful for all they do for us.”

For Craig, every moment spent together is precious and their time at Martin House allows them to make memories they will treasure forever:

“I’m trying to cram 75 years into a short space of time so we want to spend every minute together we possibly can. We just take every day as it is and are grateful when the next day comes.”

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