Dove House Hospice

Kayleigh's Mum

The Elvin family cherishes the precious memories made laughing together in the hospice gardens with their beloved mum, grandma and wife. Kayleigh shares the moments when her mum was able to be herself again.

“Mum was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer in October 2015; she was only 49. She had to be hospitalised and stayed in a tiny room, on her own with no TV. I was terrified she would die alone with no one to talk to. I couldn’t visit her as often as I wished as my sons were only little and the hospital was not a place for them. Luckily she moved to the hospice in August 2016.

“It was a huge weight off my mind knowing she was safe and happy. She joined in the activities in Day Therapy and made me a memory box and a mosaic heart which I will always treasure. The staff were amazing and couldn’t do enough for her.

 “Dove House felt like home and we could visit her anytime. We spent a lot of time in the beautiful gardens. The best thing was that my young sons could spend time with their Nana. They meant the world to her and those memories are so precious.

“We have wonderful memories as a family of sitting and laughing with mum in the hospice garden. We’d sit there for hours playing with my children or feeding the fish. You’d forget why you were there it was so peaceful. Some of our best memories were in the last weeks while he was staying in the hospice because everyone was so friendly.

“Those precious moments we shared at the hospice help us remember our mum as she was and to celebrate mum’s life and remember how happy she was in her last weeks. The hospice meant I was able to be just a daughter again, not a daughter and a carer. I never realised what a weight that was until it was lifted.  To be able to leave mum with the nurses and go home and not worry about the care she was receiving was such a relief.

“I will do all I can to help raise funds to make sure families like ours get that care in the future because I simply don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had the hospice to turn to.”

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